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OthEr StUfffffsss

On this page you will find some of our scattered recordings and unreleased tracks.

In the "Unreleased" series from "Ask the Dust", here are two tracks just waiting to please your ears :

La Serenade de Nelson

(The Serenade of Nelson) - July 2008

In honor of a dog in my neighborhood, the soloists are: Y.Rosilio & M.Nakano, A.Mezaache & E.Dambrin, O.Solomon & B.Ohanna; F.Dupuit & B.Guenoun.

Version 1
Version 2

I Love Me

July 2008

A little something recorded during the same session as "Ask The Dust".

I Love Me

Other bits and pieces from here and there during a recording session in December 2009 :

Allegro Stupiditto

Décember 2009

Begins with a short open letter to a great contemporary decay. Featuring the incredible voice of Anna Andreotti.

Allegro Stupiditto

El Hâl

Live in the borj at the Bab Marrakech, Essaouira, Morocco, February 15th 2011.

With :
Jérôme Fouquet (trumpet, horn); François Mellan (trumpet, tuba, horn); Jean-Michel Couchet (sax); Maki Nakano (sax, ney); Florent Dupuit (sax, flute, piccolo); Benoit Guénoun (sax, percussion); Yann Pittard (guitar, oud); Jean-Philippe Saulou (electronic gadgets); Yoram Rosilio (double bass); Gaston Zirko, Thomas Ballarini (percussion).

Part 1 (Soliste : Y.Pittard)

Part 2 (Solistes : JM.Couchet & F.Mellan)

Part 3 (Solistes : Y.Rosilio & JP.Saulou ; M.Nakano & J.Fouquet)

Part 4 (Solistes : M.Nakano & J.Fouquet)

Part 5 (Solistes : G.Zirko & T.Ballarini)

Part 6 (Solistes : B.Guénoun & F.Dupuit)

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