A.R.B.F                                                                        Version Française English version

"The Anti RuBer BrAiN FacToRy"

A.r.b.f is a nebula of sound experimentation that fights against brain formatting.

In a nutshell, it's an enterprise in cultural destabilization designed to awaken the world from its dreamy lethargic comforts by offering a seamless and uncompromising music to a maximum audience, whether they be prepared or not...

Ignoring all musical canvasses which parasitize and distort artistic expression, we seek to achieve  and to understand the secrets of our Magic Mother Music.

You will find on this site audio tracks to listen to and information on our concerts as well as our various projects: moussems, tours, residences, recordings, etc...

Musicians from all backgrounds are invited to get in touch with us and join us in our experiments.

Visitors and friends present, past, and future: welcome to the "Anti Rubber Brain Factory".

Created and led by Yoram Rosilio, A.r.b.f. is made up of and broken down by:

Or Solomon, Makoto Sato, Jean-Michel Couchet, Jean-Brice Godet, Amina Mezaache, Naïssam Jallal, Rafaël Koerner, Fred Maurin, Maki Nakano, Florent Dupuit, Benoit Guenoun, Marielle Chatain, Yann Pittard, Karsten Hochapfel, François Mellan, Benjamin Abitan, Abderrahmane Nemini, Jérôme Fouquet, Maâlam Seddik Laarch, Jean-Philippe Saulou, Eric Dambrin, Thomas Ballarini, Simo Boumzough, Nicolas Souchal, Hugues Vincent, Stephan Caracci, Brenda Ohana, Julien Matrot, Alex Authelain, Anna Andreotti, Abdelkader "Bombrik" Eddibi, Driss "Moulay" El idrissi, Hassan Indhamou, Abdelmalek "Haj" Benhamou, Salah Saya, Najib Akdim, Ayoub Baz…