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ARbf FiGhts RubBer

Musically, AnTi rUbBEr BrAiN sometimes create delicately detailed compositions, but it's rare. Often we find between 10 and 20 musicians on stage with trumpets, tubas, cellos, vibraphones, elecroniks and other stuff...

Here mingle collective improvisations and compositions that pull from across the universe: jazz, electro-noise, traditional Yiddish or oriental, urban rage or pastoral flowers, a letter to Elise or dancing Smurfs...

Our main sources of inspiration are Sun Ra, Mingus, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, the Liberation Music Orchestra and even the Little Huey Orchestra of William Parker.

And so here are some sounds :

Pair-Impair (Y.R & B.G)

A tribute to the "Modern World" and all its stupidity, to the hellish nightmare of the cities and to the idiocy of T.V. game shows...

The team: Makoto Sato (drums), Yoram Rosilio (double bass), Jean-Philippe Saulou (electronic gadgets), Brenda Ohana (vibraphone, percussion), Marielle Chatain (baritone sax), Benoit Guenoun (soprano sax), Florent Dupuit (tenor sax), Amina Mezaache (flute), Naïssam Jalal (flute), Julien Matrot (trumpet), Maki Nakano (alto sax).

Kromagnon (Y.R)

We return to our cherished wild sources, to our nostalgia for the madness and spontaneity of the childhood of Man...

The team : Yann Pitard (guitar), Brenda Ohana (vibraphone), Yoram Rosilio (double bass), Eric Dambrin (drums), Jean-Philippe Saulou (electronic gadgets).

The emblematic album resulting from this project is "Ask The Dust".
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