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"El Hâl"

(Some sound for your reading...)

"El Hâl" is a composition of musical and pictorial research throughout 2 years centered around a collaboration between Yoram Rosilio and the Moroccan painter R.Bernaze. The Theme is Trance ("el Hâl" in arabic) within moroccan traditional music and Free Jazz.

Paris (France) / December 2009

Together a fifteen musicians, "El Hâl" is a long composition mixing improvisations and elements of gnaoua music, maghrebo-andalouse, berbere and hamdouchie.

We use moroccan instruments, like herrez, karkaba, tara, tbal... We reproduce or inspire ourselves of traditional rythms, ways of playing, and use our knowledge in the same time that we try to grow up them everyday.

We are also inspired by musicians as Sun Ra, Duke Ellington and William Parker.

From the first notes, we go into a creative process similar to that of lilas (the "nights"), these moroccan evenings of music, trance and spirituality. Those create the necessary space of freedom for the interaction between men and the minds, and for the social world in upheaval and disorder. So our concern is to provide every assistant musician a space of expression and freedom within a long script music collective.

In 2009, after a six month residency at the Cité internationale des Arts, à Paris, The album "El Hâl" was released. (Click on the image for more information...)

You can discover more, at the bottom of the page Inédits, where is a live recording of this Music in Morocco, 2011.

Thus, the long musical suite was presented several times to the public.

Théâtre de Bligny (France) / Novembre 2010

In november 2010, a creation residency at the Théâtre de Bligny permited us to get together around a same contemporary vision of moroccan music and improvisation.

Discover other videos of the Live au Théatre de Bligny .