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We sell our albums on a name-your-price basis , so it's you who decides how much you think you should pay.

In order to obtain these small masterpieces, you have several options:

1- Come to our concerts

We always have our discs available for sale at our concerts, so if you don't slam all your money into beer and still have a few euros in your pocket, come see us during the break or after the concert
(it would also be a great pleasure for us...)!

2- Order online

If you are too far away, or can't make it to our concerts, please write to this address to let us know the items you wish to buy and you will receive a prompt response from us. We will send your purchase by post after receiving a check or bank transfer.

3- Buy from a shop

You can also buy directly from certain shops, record stores and specialty stores, for example :

(We are currently searching for more shops to stock our discs, so if you would like your local shop to sell A.R.B.F., please send us an e-mail with contact details).

4- Purchase online with Bandcamp

Bandcamp makes it easy to buy our albums online using Paypal or your credit card. You can purchase our discs in high-quality digital format or on CD on a “name your price” basis! Go ahead and have a look at the BANDCAMP site listen to the tracks online and buy at a price which suits you.