Few SouNd froM A.r.B.f & HmAdcHA

-Mul Anuba May 2012

Mul Anuba is a Dikr, a long sung poetry which introduces the ritual of the Hadra of Hmadcha. Lead vocals by Hassan Nadhamou, arrangement by Yoram Rosilio.

-Aïta May 2012

The Aïta is the last song introducing the Hamdouchia, the instrumental form truly unique to the Hmadcha. During the Aïta, the gheïta makes its musical debut.

-Hamdouchia May 2012

Recorded live at the International Festival of the Bombard in 2012 and brilliantly directed by the maâlam Abdelkader "Ben Brick" Ed-Dibi on the gheïta, supported by Benhamou playing second gheïta.

-Haddari May 2012

The Haddari is a musical form rather more secular. Dedicated to celebration and dance, it can be heard at weddings or at the end of religious ceremonies and is usually performed by the Issawa people. Here Abderahmane Nemini plays the gheïta with Ben Brick.

The musicians heard on these recordings are:

Abdelkader "Ben Brick" Ed-Dibi & Abdelmaleck Benhamou: gheïta

Florent Dupuit: tenor sax, flute, piccolo

Jean-Michel Couchet & Benoit Guenoun: soprano and tenor sax

Jean-Brice Godet: clarinets

François Mellan: tuba, trumpet

Jean-Philippe Saulou: guitar, electronic gadgets

Yoram Rosilio: double bass

Hassan Nadhamou: vocals, taârija

Salah Saya & Moulay Driss El Idrissi: vocals, harraz

Abderrahmane Nemini: vocals, harraz, gheïta

Ayoub Baz & Najem Belkedim: vocals, tbal.