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ArBf & HmAdCHA - Live in Essaouira

Artwork : Zahal Shahor (more informations)

Following our project with a part of the Brotherhood of the Hmadcha from Essaouira (all informations here), we have released a live recording of one of our concerts. You will also find two short videos of this performance below.

Performing alongside us were two artists creating works of art: Redouane Bernaz and Abderraïm Harabida.

In Listenning





The musicians heard on these recordings are:

Yoram Rosilio (double bass ), Thomas Ballarini (perc), Ayoub Baz (perc, voice), Najem Belkdim (perc, voice), Abdelmalek Benhamou (gheïta), Jean-Michel Couchet (sax), Florent Dupuit (sax), Abdelkader « Ben Brik » Eddibi (Gheïta), Benoit Guenoun (sax), Driss « Moulay » El Idrissi (perc, voice), François Mellan (Tuba, tpette), Hassan Nadhamou (perc, voice), Maki Nakano (sax), Yann Pittard (guit, effects), Jean-Philippe Saulou (effects), Salah Saya (perc, voice), Gaston Zirko (perc)


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