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"El Hâl"

This recording was made in December 2009. It comes from a lengthy research into painting, improvised music and traditional Moroccan music.

It is a lengthy composition in five movements based on the Polyptych of Hâl, a pictorial work of Moroccan painter Redouane Bernaz. The music is inspired by both free jazz and traditional Moroccan music (mainly Gnawa, Andalusian, Berber (Amazigh) and Hamdouchi).

Each movement corresponds to a painting:

-1st Mouvement : "Portes Fenêtres" (Doors Windows)

-2nd Mouvement : "DhiKr" (Prayer)

-3rd Mouvement : "Les Chuchotements d'un Cheikh" (The Whispers of a Sheikh)

-4th Mouvement : "Nass El Ghiwane"

-5th Mouvement : "Marabou"

Musicians involved in this recording:
Yoram Rosilio, Thomas ballarini, Marielle Chatain, Ananda Cherrer, Jean-Michel Couchet, Eric Dambrin, Florent Dupuit, Jérôme Fouquet, Jean-Brice Godet, Benoit Guenoun, Karsten Hopchatel, François Mellan, Maki Nakano, Yann Pittard, Jean-Phillipe Saulou.

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