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AsK tHe dUsT !!!

Artwork : Damien Pelletier

In July 2008, the musicians of A.r.b.f. gathered for a recording experiment which is rarely used these days: music scores are handed out just before the session and three takes of each piece are recorded. .

What emerges is new music, spontaneous and uninhibited.

Some excerpts :

01-ChinEse sHop (Y.R)

02-CentRifugEuse (gastronomic traditional)

03- Mem0ry of a FiRst GlaNcE (Y.R)


Musicians involved in this recording :
Yoram Rosilio, Benjamin Abitan, Nicolas Arnould, Stephan Caracci, Marielle Chatain, Jean-Michel Couchet, Eric Dambrin, Florent Dupuit, Elisabeth Gilly, Benoit Guenoun, Rafael Koerner, Naissam Jalal, Julien Matrot, Fred Maurin, Amina Mezaache , Maki Nakano, Brenda Ohana, Yann Pittard, Makoto Sato, Jean Philippe Saulou, Or Solomon, Hugues Vincent.

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